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  • Pet Health for Life Plan from Chapel House Vets

Would you like to get your pet’s next booster vaccinations for free?

When it comes to your pet’s routine health care – their vaccinations, health checks and parasite control – you don’t always want to have to pay a large, one-off bill each time you visit the vet do you? That’s why we’ve created our Pet Health for Life plan, to not only help you spread the cost of your pet’s essential treatments, but to save you money too!

Our Pet Health for Life plan is simple. By setting up a small monthly direct debit, all of your pet’s routine treatments are covered throughout the year. That means you’ll never have to pay us a lump sum when your pet next requires their booster vaccination, parasite treatment, or annual health check.

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“If you join our Pet Health for Life plan the next time your companion is due their booster vaccination, we’ll start you directly on the plan and include your vaccination cost!”

Helen Clarke – RVN Practice Manager

With our plan you’ll get:

  • Annual vaccinations
  • An annual health check with a vet
  • Flea, tick and worming treatment to protect your pet for 12 months
  • Unlimited nail clipping
  • Unlimited anal glands
  • Health checks with a nurse
  • Dental health checks with a nurse
  • 10% off a number of additional services including neutering, dental procedures and blood tests

If you choose to become a member of our Pet Health for Life plan you can rest assured you pet will never miss their all-important essential treatments.

We’ll send you a reminder to inform you when your companion is due their check up (or parasite control or vaccination), and will always be here to speak with you regarding your pet’s health and well-being should you need us.


Cat  £10.17 per month
Small Dog (<10kg) £11.59 per month
Medium Dog (10.1 - 20kg) £12.72 per month
Large Dog (20.1 - 40kg) £15.75 per month
Extra Large Dog (40.1 - 60kg) £24.35 per month

Please note: Plan benefits may vary depending on which of our plans you join – cat, small dog, large dog etc. Please ensure that you are a registered client before joining our Pet Health for Life plan.

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If you have joined before 1st August 2022, to view our Pet Health for Life Plan terms of service click here. If you have joined on or after 1st August 2022, to view our Pet Health for Life Plan terms of service click here.