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  • Neutering of your pet at Chapel House Vets in Chesterfield

As well as preventing unwanted pregnancies, neutering as a number of additional benefits

Female animals will no longer come into season or attract unwanted attention from males. Ovarian cancer is also prevented, along with potentially life-threatening conditions such as uterine infection (pyometra).

Neutered male animals, on the other hand, will no longer be at risk of testicular cancer or prostate hyperplasia, and may be less likely to demonstrate aggressive and territorial behaviour.

What does neutering involve?

Neutering is a surgical procedure performed under general anaesthesia to remove part or all of an animal’s reproductive organs, preventing them from reproducing. In males, it is called castration and in females, spaying.


When's the right time for my pet?





From four months

From four months


Dependent on your pet’s weight, breed and behaviour  

3 months after a season or pre-season, exact timing depends on weight and breed


For a specific neutering recommendation for your pet, book an appointment with one of our nurses.


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Neutering your pet at Chapel House Vets

At Chapel House Vets our team of highly skilled vets have a wealth of experience when it comes to neutering animals. They appreciate that any operation – no matter how routine – can be a worrying time for you, which is why they will always explain everything to you in a language you will understand. You may also like to know that most pets we see are at home recovering with their owners the same day as their surgery.

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Join our Pet Health for Life Plan and receive a discount on neutering your pet

Become a member of our Pet Health for Life Plan at Chapel House Vets and feel rest assuredthat  your pet will never miss their all-important essential treatments. Spread the cost of your pet’s essential treatments and save money by setting up a small monthly direct debit, all of your pet’s routine treatments are covered throughout the year. Find out more about Pet Health For Life Plan here. 

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