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  • Routine Pet  Health Checks

All cats, dogs and small furries should be checked once a year.

Routine health checks for your petAs you’re probably already aware, it’s extremely important you’re taking your companion to the vet once a year. This is because the majority of health conditions don’t have any obvious symptoms. 

At Chapel House Vets we strongly recommend that all pets are brought to see us once a year – whether that’s your cat, dog or rabbit. It doesn’t matter what type of creature you have, they all deserve the same levels of care.

A routine check-up is nothing to worry about at our practice. 

If we are satisfied that your pet is in good health, you won’t have to come and see us for another year. However, if your companion requires some form of treatment, or perhaps a follow-up appointment, you will have everything explained to you in a way you understand so that you can make an educated choice about their treatment plan. You’ll be glad to know it’s not just creatures we’re great at communicating with, but humans too!

For more information about our practice, or to book an appointment for your companion, please contact your nearest practice directly:

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