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  • Pet Nurse Clinics at Chapel House Vets

Dedicated nurse clinics to help you raise a healthy and happy companion.

It’s no secret that raising an animal is a big job. Feeding them every day, ensuring their weight is kept under control, giving regular exercise, the list is endless. However, at Chapel House Vets we are here to help.
Our team of friendly, knowledgeable nurses hold a number of dedicated clinics to offer you advice and guidance. Whether that’s flea and worming advice, through to looking after them post-surgery, our expertise is on hand to make your life easier.

Here are just some of the nurse clinics we offer:

Nurse Clinics

  • Weight Clinics
    Whether it’s an overweight or underweight pet you have, we offer advice about diet type, how often they should be exercising and in some cases, design bespoke lifestyle plans.
  • Geriatric Clinics
    Unfortunately, just as we become susceptible to more health conditions as we age, so do our pets. It’s for this reason regular blood and urine tests are recommended to ensure your companion isn’t experiencing any problems without letting you know. During these clinics we will thoroughly examine your pet from nose to tail. We can discuss and advise on their lifestyle, eating habits and any medication they may be taking.
  • Adolescent checks
    It’s important to you, and to us, ensure that your companion is getting the very best start in life. One of the best ways to make sure they’re healthy and happy is to bring them for a check-up when they’re six months old. This means that we can also identity any potential problems as soon as possible which often leads to quick and effective treatment. We can also check on their growth, weight, and behaviour too.

For more information about our practice, or to book an appointment for your companion, please contact your nearest practice directly:

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