Puppy’s painful predicament cured by Chapel House Vets!

An over-amorous puppy paid a painful price after his first experience of mating let to having emergency care at a leading Chapel House Vets in Chesterfield.  

Storm, a 10-month-old pocket bully, ended up needing surgery to repair his damaged penis, however, his pride was restored and his wounds repaired at Chapel House Veterinary Practice, which has two surgeries in Chesterfield and Staveley. puppy undergoes surgery at chapel house vets in chesterfield

Chapel House vet surgeon Lucy Heap handled the delicate matter to repair Storm’s damage and admitted: “This was a new surgical experience for me and a whole new experience for Storm!  

He’d got a little over-excited on the day and managed to mate with one of his owner’s other dogs.  

“Unfortunately, this caused him some trauma and a urethral prolapse – the tube from his bladder was now outside his penis.  

“He was losing a lot of blood from the injury and needed urgent care. We gave him some anti-inflammatories straightaway and then took him to surgery. 

“We operated first to remove the prolapsed tissue and then sutured (stitched) the urethral mucosa to the external surface of the penis.  

“We also castrated him at the same time to reduce the risk of a recurrence.  

“The surgery was technically straightforward and relatively quick. Most importantly for Storm and his grateful owners, it was successful. 

“It was a great outcome. The area has healed well, Storm has now fully recovered and there have been no recurrences.” 

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