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  • Potential Graduate Scheme Applicants

The Graduate Development Programme takes place at our Chesterfield (Hady Hill) site so our students can receive more learning and support whilst building up their confidence working in a busy day-to-day practice. As their experience grows, they will work towards taking on shifts at the Staveley Branch too.

A Graduate student will start off with double appointments (30 minutes) and working op shifts with their mentor, so they have support and direct one-to-one supervision. We aim to tailor it to the candidate, though, trying to find that balance between supporting and stifling.

Our caseloads are high and varied and we pride ourselves on being able to work cases up to a high level in-house. We aim for case continuity for the individual and collaboration between team members. Graduates are encouraged to contribute to all case discussions and MMR meetings right from the start; in fact, our last GDP vet now runs our MMR sessions.

We are looking for graduates who are willing to learn, ask questions and contribute to the team. They expect them to work hard on improving their basic surgical skills and show initiative when starting this programme.

When joining our team at Chapel House Vets, we want to reassure graduates that as a practice, we set up regular social events for our Associates, such as practice events and privately organised ones, including pub trips, sports days, dog walks, weddings, birthdays and baby showers.

This comes through in our working environment - we work hard, but we have fun, too. We celebrate birthdays and special occasions because we genuinely care about the milestones in the lives of our team members.

Applications for our Linnaeus Graduate Scheme are accepted through our central application system and the scheme opens for applications in October each year. Please check the Graduate page on the Linnaeus website for more information on applying and to see whether our practice is looking for a graduate this year.